In June and August 1998, I had the good fortune to interview Kelly Joe Phelps for the Oregon Extension Journal, a periodic collection of stories, interviews, poetry, and general news and reflection published by a little college program in Oregon, where I was a student in the early 90s.

These interviews were done over the phone, me in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Kelly Joe at his home in Washington.

As will become clear in the interviews, our conversation ranged all over the spectrum, but mostly we talked about music and spirituality and how they are intermingled in the approach that KJP takes to his vocation as musician.

Linked here are the original, unedited transcripts of the interviews. There are two parts. Each reflects about an hour-plus of conversation. Also linked is the introductory essay I wrote for the OE Journal. The two interviews appeared in a condensed form in the journal, but are reproduced in entirety here, for the completists out there. :)

Since this interview, I've had the chance to talk with KJP a few times, usually when he is town for a show, or when I've been lucky enough to catch up with him on the road. He is as charming and gracious as ever.

Both of us have come a long way in the 4 years since this interview. I'd like to sit down with KJP in another 4 years and see where he's at. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to do that.

29 Oct 2002

Interview, part one
Interview, part two