Lemur Project is an information retrieval development library.

How to build Lemur 3.1 for OS X (10.3.9)

See http://www.lemurproject.org/phorum/read.php?11,840

The note about “copy Apple’s config.guess from /sw” is ambiguous. What I did was create a shell script that does:

echo 'powerpc-apple-aux'

and then make all the src modifications as indicated in the URL above.

Tip: this one-liner will updated the include paths in the src files:

grep -r 'include ' * | \
grep 'indri/Parameters' | \
perl -n -e 's/:.*//;print' | \
xargs perl -pi.orig -e \

Spurious errors about '-static: no such option' from the g++ compiler can be ignored, or might try --disabled-shared option to configure.