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Ruination Day

It was shortly after 9/11, in 2001, that I was listening incessantly to Gillian Welch’s Time (The Revelator) recording. I had been listening to Blind Willie Johnson quite a bit prior to that, and so I immediately made the titular connection.

The songs about Ruination Day were especially haunting, and I associated them immediately with the attacks on the towers and 9/11. America’s second (or third, or forth) Ruination Day.

Today is April the 14th, the Ruination Day of those songs, and while it seems inappropriate to wish anyone a “Happy Ruination Day” it does seem appropriate to wish you a Blessed Ruination Day, in the hopes that tomorrow is less ruinous.

Rubber Soul

I’ve loved the Beatles since the summer of 1983, when I was 11 and my aunt introduced me to their records (including some rarity vinyl iirc). The first record I ever bought was the blue greatest hits double record. I played the first side of the first record (Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, Sergent Peppers, Day in the Life) over and over in 6th and 7th grade.

But it’s taken me nearly 30 years to identify my favorite record. I’ve had lots of favorite songs, but Rubber Soul is now officially my favorite record. I realize no one but me cares, but it feels important somehow to have identified an actual studio record, rather than a greatest hits compilation, as my favorite.

The Beguine Brothers

So I’ve been playing in this country band for the last several years, purely for fun. Our cardinal rule as a band is “do not overprepare” which means we might practice for an hour or so ahead of a gig, but rarely more than that. The second rule is “you may not sing a song you wrote” which sounds funny till you realize that nearly everyone in the band is a songwriter. It’s a fun bunch of folks and the vibe is definitely low key.

But after …. years, we finally made some recordings. Here’s the first couple tunes, My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It and To Love Somebody.

Thanks to Dave for the technical work.