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I recently reactivated my free email account so that I could test something for $work. I signed up for it 12 years ago, but stopped using it a couple of years later when I got my own domain So yahoo finally deactivated it. All I had to do was click a couple of buttons to reactivate account, so that was painless. All my mail was, understandably, deleted.

Within 60 seconds of reactivating it, while I watched, I got one new message. In my Spam bucket. Hilarious.

Get your degree <i>now</i>!

I get literally hundreds of spam messages urging me to buy a higher education degree. I realized today why these kinds of messages must appeal, because I’ve had more than one dream in which I realized I had never graduated from high school or college and was completely unprepared to meet fill in challenge here.

These spam must be aimed at a kind of Jungian-level subconscious anxiety that manifests itself as the Unfinished Degree. Of course, there are plenty of folks who really do have unfinished degrees and are struggling in a competitive marketplace. But even a college-degreed person like myself still localizes my dream-time anxiety about life in not having finished school, and I suspect that is also at play.

The Unfinished Degree… <cue Jaws theme…>

In Its Entirety

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Most scam spam tries to make some sense. But this line from a recent “give us your info” spam just makes no sense:

…you must be reactivated immediately due to our SSL secure server memory in our database.

Even my wife laughed at how dumb that sounds.

SHOS Returns

Another entry for the Spam Hall of Shame:

Lauren and I took polar bear about (with movie theater beyond sandwich, dust bunny behind wedding dress.

Simple. Obtuse. Obscure. Just the way I like ’em.

They’ve got my number

Those crazy random spam generators appear to have found my number: random sentence fragments about politics and technology seem to fool SpamAssassin and end up in my inbox. Here’s a good one:

My first thought was, its a video web portal, how different can it be? Rick Santorum, left, and Pennsylvania State Treasurer Bob Casey. Foley’s online conversations with teenage male pages, but have largely hunkered down as Republicans beat up each other amid accusations of a less-than-agressive initial response. But in this battle, the only thing left to see is boxing gloves. , figuring out just how bad the collateral damage is going to be for the GOP is akin to trying to guess if the roof is going to blow off of a house in the midst of a storm. Thank you to our event sponsors Backbone Media and BusinessWire. I knew this would be fun! It is a bit too early to say if it is a great service or not, but I have great hopes that it will work out for me.

Mailing Lists

Sometimes the mailing lists I’m on offer poetic spam too:

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Through what we …

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I’m holding my breath, damnit! “through what we….” what?!