Archives: August 2005


My son and I went walking last night after a day of periodic rain. Most of the water had dried, but he found one puddle in the park, about the size of a salad plate. He worked that puddle: stomped it, splashed it, patted it with his hands, circled it, tapped it. That puddle just kept on. After about 5 minutes of solid puddle play, Ari seemed satisfied with the puddle’s veracity and we moved on down the path.


Bill pointed me at Xapian as a potential direction for a better Swish-e. I like what I’ve seen so far. Xapian is a C++ library for probablistic information retrieval, supports UTF encoding, and provides lots of language bindings via SWIG. Nice. I’ll post more as I play more.

Singular, like a fish

I’m sure this has happened to you before.

My friend quoted me back to myself the other day, referring to something I had apparently written many years ago. I said something was “singular, like a fish.”

What the hell was I thinking? Fish aren’t singular, are they? But I like the way that sounds, so I’ll take credit for it. Even if I can’t remember saying it.