Archives: November 2005

Web 2.0

Living in the midwest spares me from rubbing shoulders every day with the buzzword crazies on the coasts. But still, I like to keep tabs on what’s new: I give thanks to the net for that.

Tim O’Reilly has a good summary article on the latest buzzphrase: Web 2.0. Ten years after I got my first email account and started using Netscape to surf the infant web, it’s of historical interest to me to watch folks examining the industry (and themselves) and drawing out the threads.

Spam Hall of Shame

Like you I get 100s of spam messages on a regular basis. Owning your own domain is like raw meat for the buzzing spamming hordes. So I started this little corner of peknet for memorializing the best and worst of what I delete from my mail. (Caveat: my spam filter ensures I don’t see most of the spam; I’m trusting that only the most entertaining and life-like mail actually reaches my inbox. Kind of a pre-screening for the Hall.)

Fan Letter

So you got drunk one night with your buddies and watched a horror movie and were reminded of how good that one actor is and how he’s in so many of those slasher movies and just doesn’t get the credit he deserves. And in your fit of intoxicated and scary enthusiasm you googled for his name and found an email address where you could pour out your fanly (manly) adoration.

Trouble is, that email address you found wasn’t his. It belongs to a friend of mine who happens to share his name. And now your drunken love letter is laid bare to the world here in my spam hall of shame (though to spare you some of that deserved shame, I’ll not publish your name or email address).

what’s up man???? you still making that one movie called “The Forest”???? it sounds pretty fuckin interesting… Kane Hodder (JASON) and Andrew Bryniarski (LEATHERFACE); all we need now is Robert Englund (FREDDY KRUEGER)… lol… you were pretty kick ass in Army Of Darkness… the first movie I ever saw you in… then you really grabbed my attention as Otis, and made me realize who played the Deadite Captian in Army Of Darkness… then I realized you were originally reknowned as Chop Top in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2… what a fuckin trippy motherfucker… lol… now we’re all just speculating about what you’ll do next… some say you should be The Joker in the next Batman movie… I think you should co-star with Iggy Pop and go around bein brothers who murder people… either that, or you should be in a movie with Robert Englund… cuz Freddy Krueger rules, but Otis is a much more realistic murder icon… maybe Rob Zombie could direct that movie… that’d rule hardcore… anyways… just wanted to say you fucking rule and that you are very much underrated…

Dude. You rule hardcore.

ViewCVS for SVN repositories

At last. After some weeks of on-again off-again attempts at getting a web-based browser for my SVN repositories working, I finally hit the magic combination. Seems that the load path for Python was not including /usr/local/lib by default (despite it being set for the system) so I added a SetEnv directive to my httpd.conf and viola. [ link deleted since I’m not ready to actually reveal any code… ]


I’m a big fan of those people who work at making things easier to use. And since I’ve mentioned this site twice to folks, and since I’ve had to search for it twice now too, thought I should make it easier on myself and record it here. The Open Usability group lets you register your project for consultation with folks who care how things work (via the Minnesota Interactive site).