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Month: June 2006

More Spam Poetry

Like refrigerator poetry before it, the random, heuristic-beating spam poetry of today seems a little precious and contrived. Yet today’s offering takes a political turn:

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truth leaving warplanes Gaza
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Landmark Speed v..IBM

Butwhen theFather Saviour.

From: sinner

Another entry in the SHoS. Amidst one of the thousand or so ads for some gold company in China, this little fundy gem:

Insurance MapInfo
haunted Katharine
verifies copied intact. mounted
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blow trumpet.
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five guards supplying inmates
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mutinies andhis sister Miriam
advocates payback value. Insurance MapInfo ASP Envinsa services
various output
excluding aneasy not: hathto achanging scales.
deserving Andas esteeming

Characters script

Inspired by Simon Cozens’ secret software idea, here’s a script in my ~/bin dir that I use often. It prints all the glyphs and decimal equivalents for ASCII and any other UTF8 range you specify. I find it especially useful for writing XML/HTML when I want to specify a numerical entity value.

#!/usr/bin/perl # # Copyright 2005 # Released under the Free Beer License # # # print chart of chars and matching nums # just latin1 by default # otherwise, specify start/stop numerals at cmd line # # NOTE the ANSI color stuff is unused

use strict; use warnings; use Term::ANSIColor; binmode STDOUT, ‘:utf8’; print ‘ ‘; my $on = color(‘bold’); my $off = color(‘reset’); my $c = 0; my $start = shift @ARGV || 161; my $stop = shift @ARGV || 255; for (33 .. 126, $start .. $stop) { my $n = $_; if ($_ < 100) { $n = ” $n”; } print(“$n “, chr($_), ‘ ‘); if (++$c == 6) { print “\n “; $c = 0; } } print “\n”;

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