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Month: June 2007

In Its Entirety

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So if you have ever purchased anything via you’ve likely gotten a targeted marketing email sometime later, based on the supposed demographic your purchase represents. Fair enough.

Interesting how their algorithm must work: I got an advert for home schooling based on the fact that I bought a book about parenting. The logic must be: anyone who cares enough to read up about good parenting practice will also be interested in home schooling their kid(s). Given the social trends, I guess that makes sense. Parents who abandon the public school system do so (at the very least) because they are actively trying to provide a decent education for their offspring.

But in this case, the target demographic missed me wide.


Most scam spam tries to make some sense. But this line from a recent “give us your info” spam just makes no sense:

…you must be reactivated immediately due to our SSL secure server memory in our database.

Even my wife laughed at how dumb that sounds.

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