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perl projects

For several years I have developed software projects using Perl, pushing them to the shared Perl repository at CPAN. During that time I have maintained my own Trac install at, mostly for the use of the SVN browser, which I find helpful. I’ve started updating the wiki on that site as a home base for my Perl projects. Google suggest to me that I’ve not made that URL public before, so here it is, for the collective memory.

Perl Accessors

Thanks to the presence of mind of Marcel GrĂ¼nauer, the Perl community can easily see benchmarks for common Perl accessor packages with App::Benchmark::Accessors.

Here are the numbers on my MacBook Pro with 10.6:

# class_accessor              719424/s
# rubyish_attribute          1176471/s
# spiffy                     1342282/s
# class_spiffy               1388889/s
# class_accessor_fast        1428571/s
# class_accessor_complex     1449275/s
# class_accessor_constructor 1470588/s
# class_methodmaker          1550388/s
# moose                      1612903/s
# moose_immutable            1612903/s
# accessors                  1724138/s
# mojo                       1785714/s
# mouse_immutable            1941748/s
# mouse                      1960784/s
# class_accessor_classy      2000000/s
# class_accessor_fast_xs     3333333/s
# class_xsaccessor           3508772/s
# object_tiny_xs             3508772/s
# rose                       3571429/s
# class_xsaccessor_array     3921569/s

Glad to see Rose::Object (with Class::XSAccessor support) near the top of the list. That’s what I chose for Net::LDAP::Class, and I’ll be switching to that for the rest of my projects RSN.

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