Archives: November 2009

The Beguine Brothers

So I’ve been playing in this country band for the last several years, purely for fun. Our cardinal rule as a band is “do not overprepare” which means we might practice for an hour or so ahead of a gig, but rarely more than that. The second rule is “you may not sing a song you wrote” which sounds funny till you realize that nearly everyone in the band is a songwriter. It’s a fun bunch of folks and the vibe is definitely low key.

But after …. years, we finally made some recordings. Here’s the first couple tunes, My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It and To Love Somebody.

Thanks to Dave for the technical work.


After 4 years of learning how to glue Perl and C together with XS and many sleepless nights, I have released SWISH::3 to the CPAN.

<cue the sound of scattered applause>

Mostly this is a triumph of longevity rather than quality code. It’s taken me this long to get something workable.

yahoo mail

I recently reactivated my free email account so that I could test something for $work. I signed up for it 12 years ago, but stopped using it a couple of years later when I got my own domain So yahoo finally deactivated it. All I had to do was click a couple of buttons to reactivate account, so that was painless. All my mail was, understandably, deleted.

Within 60 seconds of reactivating it, while I watched, I got one new message. In my Spam bucket. Hilarious.