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Search::OpenSearch::Server with REST API

Just uploaded several modules to CPAN that together implement a full REST API for KinoSearch indexes, using Search::OpenSearch::Server::Plack.

% curl -XPOST http://localhost:5000/foo \ -d ‘<doc><title>bar</title>foo</doc>’ \ -H ‘Content-Type: application/xml’ [response:] { “success”:1, “doc”:{ “orgs”:[], “places”:[], “people”:[], “topics”:[], “summary”:””, “title”:”bar”, “author”:[] }, “total”:”21581″, “code”:”200″ }

The modules are:

  • Search::OpenSearch 0.11
  • Search::OpenSearch::Server 0.05
  • Search::OpenSearch::Engine::KSx 0.08
  • SWISH::Prog::KSx 0.17
  • SWSIH::Prog 0.49

False Laziness

One of the three virtues of programming is Laziness. Beware of false laziness. Andy Lester writes on the problem aptly when he describes an interaction with another programmer:

This person was one of those programmers who tried for the premature optimization of saving some typing. He forgot that typing is the least of our concerns when programming. He forgot that programmer thinking time costs many orders of magnitude more than programmer typing time, and that the time spent debugging can dwarf the amount of time spent creating code.

CPAN test failures

SWISH::3 0.08_04 is passing all tests all over the CPAN testers universe, so that is encouraging.

However, some reports (notably on FreeBSD) report false failures because of a Wstat issue.

I’ve posted about it at PerlMonks and hope someone out there has an easy fix.

Update: finally found a fix for this. The problem is that Perl has its own my_setenv() function that interferes with the native setenv() called by libswish3.c. The fix was to set the magic Perl var PL_use_safe_putenv as shown here. This took many hours and googling to track down. Glad to be done with it (I hope!).

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