perldoc 5.8.1

Just added the Perl docs for v 5.8.1 to the docs/ section. This is, of course, my favorite programming language… Now it’s searchable via the main search tool. No more waiting if is down.

glibc docs

I added the latest glibc docs to the docs section. Mostly because I needed a quick searchable reference as I teach myself C. Of course, I found out afterwards that glibc is not supported on Mac OS X, so it proved kind of moot. But at least the reference is handy and it was a good exercise in usability. I’ll probably use that method again.

new format

I’m playing with the blosxom plugin architecture. It’s pretty geek-cool (should I refer to that as GC?). So now I have an _intro file that always sorts to the top of my blog, but is just a regular blog file like the others. Ah, how I amuse myself.

I also moved the footer of the main page to the end of the blog instead of as a persistent frame. Seems like they take too much consistent real estate otherwise.

From the Holy Mountain

I just finished a report for my MLIS program on William Dalrymple’s excellent book, From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East.

The report involved a survey of local libraries with an eye toward if their collections would support the writing of a particular section of Dalrymple’s book. The gist is (surprise!) that our academic libraries are a better bet than our public libraries.

But don’t let that scare you off. This book is mesmerizing and funny, tragic and involving. Get a copy at your local (public) library.

what’s the st paul bar tour?

in the spring of 2003, disgusted with the state of the world and the state of the bar scene in st paul, minnesota, we set out to visit every bar in downtown st paul. our hope: that somewhere out there was a Good Bar that we could call our own. check back here for reviews, stories, maybe some pictures…