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I’ve been putting together a history of CrayDoc for a presentation to the local MidWest XML users’ group.

Turns out the product goes back over 10 years. I inherited it in 2001, when I started in my current job at Cray. There was a time when Cray was owned by SGI, and during that time the documentation server was not known as CrayDoc — it was Dynaweb, a third party product. But starting in 2002, with the shipment of CrayDoc 1.0 (though I guess that versioning is erroneous, now that I know the history), CrayDoc is again a home-grown product. Versions 1 and 2 were 100% Perl, though now we use the SWISH-E search engine, which is written in C.

My work on CrayDoc has been a real education in CGI programming, HTML, databases, and code design. When the presentation is done, I’ll post it here for posterity.

UPDATE 11/22/2004: posted here PDF

Decision ’04

every blog is an election blog, right? politics, shmolitics. but this usa presidential election seems to matter more than most. as if the fate of the world hinges on it.

i wonder, though, if what we lefties are hoping for is not so much a way to avoid a conservative future but a way to forgive the weak-willed past. every dem who talks big now sided with the poor evidence of a puppet president, hungry for war, 2 years ago. our lone voice in the wilderness went down in a freakish plane accident about the same time. did we not protest loud enough before? did we not make our voices heard? did we not say ‘no’ with enough persistent force?

or is it just that half our fellow americans think gwb is doing a fine job as it is. that’s what boggles my mind.

and here’s what grieves me the most: no one is talking publically about why it is that “terrorists” (a pegorative normally spelled s-c-a-p-e-g-o-a-t) would attack the usa in the first place. that seems to me to be the most important issue. what is it about america’s way in the world that angers so many nonamericans? and how might all americans be implicated in that discussion?

perhaps that’s why it never happens.