The general idea right now is to get the core C libraries functional, at least for SwishParser and SwishConfig. Then start working on the “swish-e” command line program replacement. I intend to write the replacement in Perl, since that will be much easier to write and performance should only see a small hit from startup costs. I’ll use SWISH::Prog to handle the basic spider/fs stuff, as well as config parsing.

Funny: I don’t think I had that in mind when I originally started SWISH::Prog but it now seems like a totally obvious fit.

SWISH::Prog::Config just underwent some major surgery. It can now parse version2 config files using the excellent Config::General, and can convert to the current SwishConfig XML format.

I’ll probably start with a Xapian backend since that’s fairly stable (though UTF-8 support is still not official till 1.0). Need to write SWISH::Index and SWISH::Search APIs (though the latter will likely look just like SWISH::API).

Everything in due time.