I upgraded my work machine from Fedora Core 4 to the new 6 release, mostly to try and get some added functionality from the Evolution email client. What a drag. Evolution segfaults on me now, in version 2.8. And my other main app, the Nedit text editor, failed to work till I tracked down the problem: OpenMotif was dropped from Fedora Core due to some licensing issues, and needs to be replaced with LessTif. However, the Fedora upgrade process failed to un-install the openmotif rpm from my machine, leaving me with an nedit that was trying to use 2 libraries at once. Not good. Segfault on start. Uninstalling openmotif did the trick. At least for Nedit. Still can’t get Evolution to work.

Update: I did get it to work. Despite repeatedly removing all the . files in my home dir related to Evolution, it persisted in remembering my info. I finally tracked the offending pref file to /tmp. Removing that and restarting Evolution did the trick, though it did mean having to reset all my account info.