I get ideas.

Usually these are software projects I would like to write, either because I couldn’t find one that does what I want or because I am just curious about how hard it would be to write one.


personal mail full text search
Like Gmail but for your local desktop email client. Maybe this is a moot idea now and something already exists since I haven’t looked in awhile, but I’d like a server-side email search that works with mbox or maildir formats, that I could run as a daemon (or whatever) that would give me real-time full text search of my email. I host my own IMAP server, and the full text search my client sw gives me is slow since it must search all mail in the raw, rather than a fast index.
Rose::DB::Object caching base class
I use Rose::DB::Object Perl ORM for a lot of projects and have written some caching code but it would be nice to have a CPAN-available base class that does that caching for me.

I know I’ve had other ideas — my problem is I never write them down. So this will be my new place to record them.