Recent article in Tech News World about which languages are most popular.

Now, I expect most popular writing on programming to gloss over the actual technical stuff and speak directly to managers, who often can’t program their way out of a paper bag. But this quote is just pure nonsense:

“Java and its variants like Perl, Ajax, Python and Ruby, which effectively generate Java code, are unnecessarily low-level languages,” Infostructure Associates’ Kernochan said. “Adopting Java was, until recently, a step back in programmer productivity.”

Perl, Ajax, Python and Ruby are variants of Java? That’s just wrong, technically and chronologically. Perl was first released in 1987. Java was first released in 1995. Ajax isn’t a language at all, it’s a pattern. It’s like saying “Poems are a language.” Python and Ruby, while object-oriented like Java, are certainly not variants. And none of them generate Java code, effectively or not.