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Eugene McCarthy

Today is Eugene McCarthy’s 90th birthday. It’s also my 34th birthday. MPR broadcast a retrospective on McCarthy’s life today on my midday commute to my accountant’s office. Death, taxes, birthdays, politics, and two men named Eugene (that’s what the E in pek stands for). I found the stories about the Vietnam vets’ interactions with McCarthy to be especially moving.

Things I want to do

Ever feel like you’ve got a mental to-do list that’s stretching your memory capacity? Here’s my list of things I want to do: [originally posted 7/15/05, updated 3/25/06]

  • improve my Java
  • learn Python
  • learn PHP
  • understand encryption theory a little better
  • re-do the Whole Farm Coop website to use MySQL and mod_perl
  • re-write Swish-e to support UTF8 In progress
  • rationalize why I need Swish-e to support UTF8 other than because it’s cool
  • re-read What’s the Matter with Kansas

That seems like enough to keep me busy. That’s mostly just computer related. It doesn’t touch on:

  • learn Hebrew
  • read more Girard
  • exercise more
  • write a short story
  • brew more beer

And those are the leisure activities.

Overheard via NPR

Cheney was in Ohio stumping for the GOP this week. The NPR interviewer asked one lady who was there about her experience:

I don’t even know what he said. I was just so happy to have him here. It made me feel like a real American.

Good to know that folks like this vote with their [faux] patriotic juju emotions, rather than actually paying attention to what is said. Not that what Cheney says has any connection to reality anyway.

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