Ever feel like you’ve got a mental to-do list that’s stretching your memory capacity? Here’s my list of things I want to do: [originally posted 7/15/05, updated 3/25/06]

  • improve my Java
  • learn Python
  • learn PHP
  • understand encryption theory a little better
  • re-do the Whole Farm Coop website to use MySQL and mod_perl
  • re-write Swish-e to support UTF8 In progress
  • rationalize why I need Swish-e to support UTF8 other than because it’s cool
  • re-read What’s the Matter with Kansas

That seems like enough to keep me busy. That’s mostly just computer related. It doesn’t touch on:

  • learn Hebrew
  • read more Girard
  • exercise more
  • write a short story
  • brew more beer

And those are the leisure activities.