I have a few web sites I design that are in need of a good community blog software framework. Here’s some research on the topic for my own memory-weak use:

Scoop powers DailyKos, and I like the look/feel of that site.

SlashCode powers a lot of newsy sites. A little too linear for what I’m after. I want more of a user account/diary kind of site. Where people can set up their own home pages and blogs.

PodCMS is a POD-based blog built with Catalyst. As I’m a recent convert to the Ways of Catalyst, I might switch this site to PodCMS. I’m going to test it out tonight.

WordPress is a heavyweight. Need to consider if it’s just the right fit or not.

GeekLog is certainly pretty and seems actively developed.

In the end, I am leaning toward Scoop. It’s Perl, which is obviously good for me since that’s my go-to language. And it’s explicitly community discussion oriented. That’s a good fit for what I have in mind for oealums.org in particular.